New Years Resolutions with Paul & Emma

Sometimes sitting down and making your New Year's resolutions can be a little daunting (especially if you didn't quite manage to hit the ones that you laid out last year). Fortunately for our founders, Paul and Emma, 2017 was an incredible year and they're feel pretty optimistic about setting epic goals for 2018! We sat down and asked a few questions about their year and plans for the next:


Q: What an incredible year it was for Paul’s Boutique! What is your proudest achievement of 2017?

We’ve had an incredible year. I'm thrilled that we’ve just signed new territories for Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Turkey and the UK. It's been a period of amazing growth for us!

Q: What were your resolutions last new year? Did you achieve them?

Our main goal for the year of 2017 was to continue our global expansion - something I think we've definitely achieved!

Q: What are your personal resolutions/goals for this year?

Healthy mind, body and soul and to stop eating twiglets.

Q: What advice would you give to those planning to start their own business this year?

Don't procrastinate… just go for it. Recognise your strengths and weaknesses and get someone to help with those weaknesses.


Q: Looking back on the year, what was your favourite moment?

Winning the Drapers Accessory Brand of the Year was an amazing moment for us. It's brilliant to be recognised for truly hard work and dedication.

Q: When you set resolutions/goals, what helps you and motivates you to achieve them?

I only set myself one resolution and make sure its totally achievable and when I have achieved it I make another…I do this throughout the year. It's less overwhelming that way and keeps you on track the entire year instead of just the beginning!

Q: What did you do for New Year’s eve this year?

We always spend it with friends and each year we take it turns to host. Our friends have kids as well so we made sure there were suitable festivities planned for everyone…bubbles for me of course!

Q: Are there any exciting things on the horizon for Paul’s Boutique this year?

We want to open a store in London so we can invite customers in to really experience the world of Paul’s Boutique. Definitely very exciting things on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thank so much Paul and Emma!


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