BLOGGER FEATURE: Beatrice Granados

Beatrice Granados is a woman of many talents. This Spanish beauty is a photographer, stylist and illustrator, and also happens to be our latest girl crush. The content she creates is second to none and we were lucky enough to interview her recently! Check it out below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself… When did you start blogging? What inspired you to start?

My Name’s is Beatrice. I’m 26 years old, almost 27! And I’m from Spain. I’m a freelance and I work in different projects. As a photographer, videographer, stylist, designer, and illustrator. That’s what attracted me to blogging - that I was able to share all these things in one platform. I love photography and I love fashion and on my Instagram page I can explore and share both and have fun with it. At first I started because I was studying wardrobe styling and It was a way to share what I do (only fashion related) but it became much more then that, a way to create content I enjoy.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in the future?

I would love if my blog became my main work or if it could help me to work in something related to the fashion/editorial world. I would love to bring more creative content to it. And new issues to talk about in the community.

How would you describe your signature style?

My look it’s very eclectic, I like to mix a lot of different styles, depending on the mood and the occasion. I feel very inspired by the french style and the 70’s.

Are you a handbag addict? How many bags do you own?

It wasn't something that I used to pay much attention to, I used to go everywhere with the same bag. But right now I'm very into it. I think bags can change your outfit completely, you can wear a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt and transform that simple outfit with a fun bag and be super stylish. In a couple of years I've grown my handbag collection significantly. I maybe have about 20 bags or so now.

What is most important to you when choosing a handbag?

I do not look for any particular trait when I choose a bag, It has to call my attention, have something different or special about it. Lately I'm very into shoulder bags with a hard structure. But my guilty pleasure is bags with embroidery and beads, with a vintage vibe.

What is your favourite Pauls Boutique handbag and how do you like to style it?

My favourite Pauls Boutique bag that I own, and I’m obsssed with, It’s my Michaela Shoulder Bag in black and white stripe. I think it’s beautifully made, chic and versatile. I like to play with patterns and combine the stripes of the bag with a checked blazer. You can style it in almost every outfit and it brings a little bit of fun and boldness to the look.

What are your winter handbag essentials?

It going to sound very boring but I’m very sensitive to cold, so my ultimate essentials in my bag for this weather are a pair of gloves and a beanie. In winter I also love to carry hand cream and chapstick in my bag. And my always essentials are a pair of sunnies and my iPod - they're always with me! And here you have a very original answer. Not boring at all!

Are you reading anything amazing/watching any great shows at the moment?

I’m a big cinematic/ television fan. I studied Audiovisual Communication and my University was very orientated to the cinema study, so I watch almost everything! I recently finished “The End of the F***ing world” on Netflix and I think it’s fantastic, and Mindhunter. Shameless, Mosaic or American Crime Story are some shows I’m watching right now.

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

I have a very problematic skin so I’m very into skin care. I wash my face twice a day and I keep it moisturised with sunscreen. I don’t wear lots of make up on a daily basis, but when I do my favourite things are pink blushy cheeks, a subtle winged eyeliner and a red lip.

Do you have any tips for readers who might want to become bloggers themselves one day?

If they enjoy sharing any aspect of your life: style, beauty routine, recipes, etc. I encourage them to do it. I think the key it's to be consistant and have lots of patience. And you do not have to fit in any standard, just be you and share what you like and how you like.

Thanks Beatrice!


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