Behind The Scenes: Xmas Campaign

It seems like you're just making your New Years resolutions and all of a sudden BAM it's Christmas again. How the heck did that happen!? Well the festive season is right on our doorstep now and while we're not quite ready for Michael Bublé, we are ready to share our Xmas Campaign with you!

This season instead of using Models, we wanted to reach out to some of our favourite bloggers and ask them to be the stars of the show! We were fortunate enough to work with beautiful British babes Holly White and Starr Clare.

As you can see, the shoot involved a lot of tinsel, and a lot of dancing!

Starr is the wonder woman behind the blog "Style with Starr". She's a Manchester local and was a pleasure to have on set.

Model and Blogger Holly Rebecca White is the incredibly honest writer behind "Holly loves the simple things".

We had a fantastic day on set and can't wait to share all of the beautiful images from this campaign with you! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months.



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