Fall Staff Style: Meet the team

September 12, 2017



It's officially fall and a little chill has snuck into the air! We can't say we're particularly happy about it, but one thing we don't mind is fall fashion! We love rich autumnal colours, and introducing cosy knits back into our wardrobes. We know, we know, it's still pretty hard to get excited about it, so we thought maybe we could give you a little inspiration and also use that as a little excuse for you to meet some of the team at PB HQ!


Here's how our team are styling their fall bags right now:





What is a day in your working life like?


My morning is spent negotiating with our Far East suppliers and then catching up with designers on the current and forthcoming collections. Then there is usually a pre-lunch hula hoop or workout,  to keep the abs in shape and adrenaline going, in order to tackle demands of the sales team and the big boss, Paul. All in a days work!


What is your favourite fall bag and how do you like to style it?


My favourite bag this season would have to be the Clarissa Tote bag in this beautiful plum colour. For my outfit I love clashing ladylike items with more street style items, so I've paired a pencil skirt and fine fishnet tights with a sweater and trainers that makes the look a little more casual. 




What do you love about your role at Paul's Boutique?


I love how varied my role is. One day I'll be interacting with successful global bloggers, the next I'll be in the office preparing our social media or writing a blog, and the next I'll be out and about in London for a street style shoot. There's always something exciting going on at Paul's Boutique!


What makes up the perfect fall handbag for you?


Commuting in London in the colder months can be pretty hard work - you're already wearing a big coat and carrying an umbrella so carrying a big handheld bag ends up being a pain. I love a cross body bag like the Avery Bag thats much more convenient to carry and the deep grey colour is really nice for fall.




What does your role mostly consist of?


I manage the day to day running of the website which includes merchandising all the products to make sure they sit nicely together on site, updating the homepage and any other pages with visuals on them, plus making sure we always have enough stock of the best-selling styles. I also work closely with the marketing team so we can plan in all our emails and promotional activity.


How would you describe your personal fall style?


I love wearing colour all year round but I definitely tend toward more pink and berry tones at this time of the year. These pink overalls are one of my favourite things in my wardrobe, I always feel happy when I wear them! This Midi Nicole Bag is the perfect match in burgundy with a pink panel on the front.




 What's the best thing about working for Paul's Boutique?


Paul's Boutique has such cool, unique product that is really fun to work with. As much as the company loves unique style when it comes to bags, we're also encouraged to embrace our own unique style and individuality in the office which makes for a really cool workplace. 


What's most important for you when choosing a new handbag?


When it comes to clothing I never really wear any colour except for black. It's all black everything, every single day for me! My bag is the only part of my wardrobe where I really stray away from this so I love picking something with a beautiful colour that will stand out. This Angelina Bag in burgundy is such a nice colour, I always get compliments on it!




What do you love about living and working in London?


I love that there's always something going on in London! You never run out of things to do here. Over the weekends I love going to a show on the West End or visiting one of the incredible restaurants in the city. The shopping is pretty great too!


 What are your favourite colours for fall?


I don't like to wear too much black, even in the fall and winter, so I love wearing rich autumnal tones like plums and burgundy's. I also really love a pop of mustard like the colour of this Abi Bag! It's the perfect size for what I need everyday and it brightens up my whole outfit. 




What do you love to do outside of your working day at Paul's Boutique?


Outside of work at Paul's Boutique i like to weight train and stay active! Be it weights, cardio, I like to get out and do things around where I live in west london too, especially because I sit at my desk so much during the day/week.


What inspires you when designing bags for the fall? 


Travelling around London inspires me. Being out and about im constantly drawn to what people are wearing. I often get my inspiration from just walking down the street.. sometimes taking references & photos of bags I see worn by girls around the city! That would often remind me of an idea I've had, I'd go online to do reseatrch or look at existing shapes & archives of my work, and that often gets the ball rolling.




What's it like working at Paul's Boutique?


It's amazing working at Paul's Boutique! It's really nice working in an office with so many creative minds and it makes for a really fun environment. I get to interact with our customers all over the world, from Belgium, to Italy to Korea. It's cool working for a global company!


What are your daily handbag essentials?


I always have a good nude lippy with me, a pair of sunglasses, a good book and a bottle of water. At this time of the year the weather can never seem to make up it's mind so I also carry a light layer that I can put on if it gets chilly! I carry quite a lot with me so this Celine Backpack is perfect for me!



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