Behind the Bags: London Architecture

Ever wondered how our PB Designers get inspired to create five new collections every year? Well fortunately for them (and us getting to wear these drool worthy bags), London is full of enough inspiration to last a lifetime. One thing in particular grabs our designers creative attention time and time again: architecture.

London is bursting at the seams with stunning sky scrapers, museums, churches, and train stations. "Sometimes I'll feel inspired by a building in central London, and others it's a simple road sign or something small that catches my eye. The inspiration is endless" Says senior designer Laura Bexfield.

Lets take a look at some of the London architecture that inspired our current collection. You might even recognise some of it!

The Shard

The shard is an unmistakeable feature on London's skyline. Its shape is exactly what you would think it is - it looks like a shard of glass pointing up into the sky. This eye catching design has been part of the inspiration behind many of our strong structured shapes. There's nothing like a skyscraper to encourage you to be bold!

The British Museum & Kings Cross Station

You'll notice a particular similarity between these two iconic pieces of London architecture. The ceilings are what really bring these buildings to life. With stunning geometric ceilings that have an almost woven quality, both of these buildings teach us something about bold, modern texture.

The Gherkin

St Mary Axe, affectionately known as The Gherkin, is one of London's most well known sky scrapers. Its unique shape makes it stand out on London's skyline, however it doesn't come across as obnoxious and 14 years after its completion, it is still loved by Londoners and visitors alike. "That's our true aim when we design bags" says senior designer Mary Bogatcheva "we want to create modern, fresh designs, that will also be timeless classics that people can wear for years to come".


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