April 26, 2017

Living in London we're fortunate enough to be surrounded by a smorgasbord of art an architecture and endless inspiration as a result. Paul is a passionate art lover and has invested in beautiful pieces for his home. Today we thought we'd take a look at his five favourite artists!


1. David Hockney


Born and bred British artist David Hockney is probably Paul's all time favourite artists. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential British artists of the 20th Century. His pop art is truly stunning and you can find his pieces on display in Tate Modern (art museum London). "The strong lines and colours in David Hockney's paintings and prints are really inspiring to me" says Paul. 




2. Dan Baldwin


Another British artist, Manchester born Dan Baldwin is known for his busy, messy pieces, featuring bright colour and pop culture references. He creates his signature works with mixed media, and texture is a really important element. "Texture is incredibly important when designing beautiful bags. We believe a bag should feel as luxurious as it looks, so I really like the way Dan Baldwin works with texture".






Brian Donelly, more commonly known as KAWS started as a Graffiti artist but eventually moved into more 3D mediums including large acrylic sculptures. His pop art style features his own made up characters (often inspired by well known cartoon characters) and is quirky and a little bit strange - he is still influenced by his street art roots and that's what Paul loves about his pieces: "I love street style, and I love street art just as much".




4. John Baldessari


Influential abstract artist John Baldessari is one of the best in the business. His works combine lots of different mediums including photography, text, painting, and sculpture. Baldessari's pieces really make you think. They are conceptual and entirely open to each viewers own interpretation of the work. He also uses bright pops of unexpected colour, and you know we love colour!



5. Jeff Koons


American artist Jeff Koons is famous for his large scale, sculptural pieces. He works with popular culture references and his most famous series of balloon animal sculptures is playful, colourful, and bold - everything we love at Paul's Boutique! "Jeff Koons doesn't take his work too seriously, and there's an important lesson we can take from that. Fashion should always be fun, not serious!" says Paul.





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