Collection Feature: Brixton

Today we're featuring another London inspired collection from our latest collection: Brixton!

Brixton is an area in South London, and it has FLAVOUR! With a vibrant, lively atmosphere, this is where you'll get a true taste of London. Paul loves spending time in Brixton when he wants to escape this busy hustle and bustle of Central London - you wont find many tourists in Brixton, but we think it's one of the hidden gems of this city! Here are some of Paul's favourite things about the area:

Brixton Academy

Photo credit: Daily Star

Also known as the O2 Academy, one of Londons best music venues is tucked away in the heart of Brixton, which is a perfect fit for such a vibrant, musical place. Brixton has been home to some of the UKs best and brightest musicians - The legendary David Bowie and incredible Adele just to name a couple! Paul has always loved visiting the O2 and says " I went to see Leftfield at the Brixton Academy because my best mate was in the band. During the concert there was dust and plaster falling from the roof. It turned out to be the loudest recorded show at The Academy. Left field were subsequently banned from The academy from fear of the roof caving in."

Brixton Market

A mixing pot of different cultures and religions, Brixton has taken on personality from every group of people it is home to, but none more so than it's Caribbean population. You can head to Brixton Market any day, but on Fridays there is an array of street food available, and you'll find authentic Caribbean food that is to die for.

David Bowie Memorial Brixton Photo credit: ITV


Photo credit: each teach one

For Paul, going to Brixton is all about the nostalgia. "My Dad lived in neighbouring Streatham so thought it educational to give my brother and I a guided tour of the devastation after the Brixton riots (I was nine) " he says "We found it really interesting so he drove us around the most deprived areas of London. I learnt a lot about inequality that day, and I did exactly the same with my boys recently so they could learn a bit about it too"

Pop Brixton

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The vibe in Brixton is brilliant all year round, but more so in summer. From the outside it looks like a bunch of abandoned old shipping containers, but theres no better place to be on a sunny evening! Its a venue for startups and pop ups, housing more than 50 independently owned local businesses. "I love supporting independent local business, given that Paul's Boutique is exactly that. We've all got to stick together!" says Paul. Second hand clothing, fresh donuts, or a fresh haircut - you want it, you'll find it here.

Art Deco Architecture

Reliance Arcade Brixton Photo credit:

Admirer of architecture? Art Deco may have started in France, but the phenomena made its way to London and had a moment here too! Brixton is full of little Art Deco gems if you look hard enough. One of Paul's favourite things to do is just to stroll around and admire the architecture in the area.

So what does any of this have to do with our handbags? Our Brixton Collection is a mixing pot of different styles. Our designers were inspired by the different cultures in Brixton that all fit together perfectly. So when you look at our Brixton Collection you'll see three colour ways, all completely different. A neutral stone colour (with little touches of neon coral), a navy and white stripe (with little touches of neon yellow) , and a bright sunny yellow. "We wanted to reflect the mixing pot of cultures in Brixton when we designed this collection. Brixton provides endless inspiration for us" said senior bag designer Laura Bexfield. The shapes in Brixton are classic, paying homage to the rich history of the area. This collection is timeless, with a dash of edge that reflects Brixton (and Paul's Boutique) perfectly. We hope you enjoy it!

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