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Here at Paul's Boutique HQ you'll never catch one of us skipping lunch. Living in London has many perks but one of them is the number of incredible restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars right on our doorstep. However, its not all eldente pasta and medium rare steak - you can get it wrong!

London is Paul's stomping ground. He is a born and bred Londoner and he knows all the best spots. So we had Paul pick out his top seven favourite places to eat in London for 2016, so that you won't catch yourself with a dud choice!

1. Best lunch: Ivy Cafe Marylebone

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The Ivy Cafe in Marylebone has a laid back but vibrant and busy vibe. With rich, velvety interiors, it feels like a real treat going for a meal here.

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Paul particularly loves heading to the Ivy Cafe for a weekend lunch. "The steak sandwich is world class" says Paul, "it comes with caramelised onions and thick cut chips and it always hits the spot".

2. Best street food: Borough Market

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There's a reason that Borough Market is one of the most famous markets in the world. It's one of London's oldest and largest markets (it celebrated its 1000th birthday in 2014)! If you're looking for street food, this is the place for you. You'll find every type of food you could ever want here, from fresh bread, to vibrant veggies, to the best curry you've ever eaten.

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Paul loves heading down to Borough Market to pick up some fresh produce for the week and treat himself while he's there. "The dumplings at Borough Market are what lures me there so often." Paul says.

3. Best Health Kick: Hemsley + Hemsley

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Whoever said healthy food doesn't taste good obviously hasn't been to Hemsley + Hemsley. If you're still going strong with your new years health kick this is the place to try! You won't have to worry about what to order because everything on the menu is clean-eating friendly.

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Paul, who is sticking to his 2017 resolution, heads to Hemsley + Hemsley when he wants to eat out without feeling guilty, saying "It's the perfect detox for a Sunday morning"

4. Guilty Pleasure: Tonkotsu Soho

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Maybe you're not so bothered about the health kick? Tonkotsu is definitely worthy of your next cheat meal. Grab yourself a big delicious bowl of ramen and tuck in.

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Tonkotsu Soho is one of Paul's all time favourites. "Soho is the perfect spot for a work lunch" says Paul. "I also love ducking in here to take a break when I'm doing a bit of shopping in central London!"

5. Best Burger: Kua - aina soho


Burgers. Need we say more? Who doesn't love chowing down on a burger!? Kua 'Aina has particularly good ones. They're filled with fresh ingredients and they're as big as your head. To top it off they have delicious milkshakes to wash it all down!

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Paul is London's number one burger lover and connoisseur. He has tried many a burger but this one beats the lot! "My personal favourite has to be the beef, bacon and cheese burger" Paul recommends, but he also warns "you need a big appetite to finish one of these". Challenge accepted!

6. Best kept secret: Petersham nurseries Richmond

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When you walk into Petersham nurseries in Richmond, you feel like you've completely escaped London, and as us Londoners know, sometimes that's exactly what you need!

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"Sometimes you just want to get away from it all" says paul "so this is the perfect place for a Sunday lunch". Petersham nurseries is family friendly and the food is amazing to top it off.

7. Best cocktails: Connaught hotel bar

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Now we know this isn't strictly food, but we had to include somewhere to get great cocktails. With a distinctive art deco interior, and a busy vibrant vibe to match, you'll feel like you've stepped into the world of Gatsby here.

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The Connaught hotel bar is humming on a Friday evening and you'll find Paul here enjoying his favourite drink after a long week at work creating the bags we know and love! "I love sitting down here and enjoying a Gin Martini" says Paul.

So there you have it! Paul's top seven places to eat (and maybe drink a little too) in London for 2016. We're sure if you try them, they won't disappoint. Do you have any favourites that we've missed?

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