Paul's Boutique Global: Korea

Where do you think Paul’s Boutique is most popular? You’d probably guess the UK and maybe even the US, but did you guess Korea? Well neither did we! Little did we know it when we first expanded there, but Korea has quickly become one of our most successful locations.

Korea has always been a country of trend setters – with daring ideas and quirky designs, the fashion industry in Korea often sets the tone for the rest of the world. Korean fashion trends have been spread worldwide incredibly rapidly with the rise of social media and also on the backs of Korean celebrities within the k-pop music industry. The phrase “The Korean Wave” has been coined to name the phenomenon.

When Paul’s Boutique became available in Korea it quickly became apparent that we were filling a niche there. Mini versions of our classic bag shapes such as Mini Maisy (pictured) alongside PB’s signature vibrant colours and materials meant that the bags were an immediate hit. Demand for these styles became so great that our incredible designers started creating exclusive bags just for the Korean market.

Today we continue working with our friends in Korea to create products that make our customers there happy! Our most popular bags there are the Hunter Bag, Mini maisy, and anything in this stunning holographic print.

"It's always a fun challenge designing for our Korean customer" Says our senior bag designer, Mary Bogatcheva. "Our Korean Customers are bold and always on top of new trends, so our job is to design something that’s in line with Paul’s Boutique style, but consider a clean & minimal design, that is very chic and classy. There is often a signature twist, such as a bright highlight. We often scale down the proportions of those bags to fit a slightly smaller frame customer and to cater to their taste for cute small bags".

Paul's Boutique in Seoul

Paul's Boutique can now be found in many different Korean locations including Chungju, Daegu, and Seoul. If you're ever in the neighbourhood pop in for a visit. Keep an eye out folks, we're taking over the world!


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